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Motherboard Cable Adapter with standard USB port needs no much skills of installing, very easy and safe. Your computer will work better with this motherboard cable adapter.

High quality product,Brand new.
The Internal 2 Port USB Motherboard Cable Adapter is a cable to connect to motherboards to use 2 ports external USB ports. Installation is very simple. Just look on your motherboard for two 5-pin USB ports.
Do you have a motherboard with extra USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 headers that you're not using?
This high quality USB 2.0 compatible motherboard cable assembly is perfect for connecting additional USB 2.0 ports on motherboards with additional headers. Now you can use those extra USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports. Other USB motherboard cable assemblies are not compatible with USB 2.0 but this one is. Standard color coded connector is 2 X 5 and will work with 8, 9 and 10 pin out configurations. The cable assembly is set to standard default wire assignment configuration but, a straightened paper clip is all you need to loosen, move and reset the wires to match your specific pin out assignment.
Adapter for computer cases to dual port USB connector on motherboard .
Enable your motherboard USB port function .
Be sure your motherboard have dual USB port pin connection headers before you buy.
Length: about 9 inch.


  • 1 x Motherboard Cable Adapter USB 2.0 Rear Panel Bracket

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Computer Care Tips:
1)Put your laptop & notebook in a special bag with pad, when you take it here and there;
2)Please pay attention to the keyboard and screen waterproof,for this case can impact your PC service life.
3)It is batter to take out disk timely, in case laptop bumps into things or falls over objects that it is easy to damage date and driver.
4)Keep laptop away from disc,credit card,CD or any objects with magnetic.
5)Take care of your laptop battery.
6)Do not keep your laptop working for a long time in a high temperature condition.

Motherboard Cable Adapter USB 2.0 Rear Panel Bracket1

Motherboard Cable Adapter USB 2.0 Rear Panel Bracket2

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