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Product Description

Lawn Weed Barrier Garden Cover Weed Control Cover Perforated Garden Cover – 2m x 5m
  • Prevent the growth of weeds on the ground; because the ground cloth can prevent direct sunlight from shining on the ground, and at the same time use the strong structure of the ground cloth itself to prevent weeds from passing through the ground cloth, thus ensuring the inhibitory effect of the ground cloth on weeds 

  • Good water permeability, rapid discharge of surface water. Effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of soil particles and ensure that the surface of the ground cloth is clean

  • The air permeability and moisture penetration effect are very good, so that the roots of crops will not produce water, and the root air has a certain degree of fluidity, thereby preventing root rot

  • Contains one-way or two-way marking lines. When planting potted plants and crops in a greenhouse or outdoors, they can be arranged according to the marking line to be more orderly

  • When making flower pots on the ground cloth, the cloth can prevent the roots from penetrating the flower pot into the ground, thereby ensuring the quality of potted flowers


  • Product: Weeding cloth

  • Material: High-quality PE

Package included:

  • 1 x Weed Barrier


Brand N/A
ColorStyle A
Gross Weight 0.840kg
Volume Weight 0.504kg
Package Length 25.000cm
Package Width 18.000cm
Package Height 5.000cm
Package Weight 0.750kg
With Retail Packaging No

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