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Product Description

Digital Alarm Clock HD Display Sound Control Dual Alarms Snooze Temperature Volume & Brightness Adjustable Clock – White
  • Large LED alarm clock with mirror: digital alarm clock combines makeup mirror, alarm clock and time, calendar and temperature display functions. With a 10.4-inch display and large LED numbers, you can clearly see anywhere in the room. With a temperature sensor, it can monitor the indoor temperature. This digital clock is like a companion to protect your health. Unique mirror technology can help you take care of your appearance at any time.

  • Level 5 brightness & convenience: our alarm clock has level 5 brightness, which can meet all your needs during the day and at night. You can adjust the brightness manually or set it to automatic mode. The brightness can be adjusted according to the environment to protect your eyes at night and save energy. 12-hour system or 24-hour system can be switched. The LED clock has a memory function and will remember all the settings. It's perfect for bedrooms, offices, living rooms and kitchens.

  • Dual clock and two setting methods: the intelligent alarm clock is equipped with two sets of alarm clocks, which are suitable for couples or roommates with different schedules. Our LED alarm clock is the ideal choice for 2-person bedrooms. You can put the LED clock on the table or hang it on the wall, just choose the way you like. This alarm clock is a great gift for friends, family and loved ones.

  • 40 ring tones and 4-lever alarm volume: led bedside clock is equipped with 40 different ring tones. You can choose a comfortable alarm ring to say goodbye to a single boring alarm ring. The capacity is divided into four levels, and the most comfortable level can be set. Don't worry about the sound will make you hate or too light, wake you up from deep sleep.


  • 1. Rechargeable version with voice control function, with USB-HUB function.

  • 2. Time, date, temperature LED display

  • 3. Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion

  • 4. Rechargeable 2400 mAh battery, memory function, no need to reset after power failure

  • 5. 24 hours/12 hours

  • 6. 40 alarm music

  • 7. The volume can be adjusted

  • 8. 5 levels of LED brightness

  • 9. Two sets of alarms. 5 days/7 days working day alarm clock. The alarm duration is 2 minutes

  • 10. Hanging on the wall/table


  • Material: ABS

  • Size: 3.5 x 7.0 x 26.5cm

Package included:

  • 1 x Digital Alarm


Brand N/A
Color White
Retail Packaging No Package
Gross Weight 0.470kg
Volume Weight 0.177kg
Package Length 32.200cm
Package Width 7.000cm
Package Height 3.500cm
Package Weight 0.420kg
With Retail Packaging No

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