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    It is PC version of Nissan hand held Pocket PC Consult.
    It is used on all NISSAN grey 14pin Digital Data Link (DDL). It is usually located near the fuse box on driver side.
    The cars are usually built from year 1989 to 2000. Such as Cefiro, Sentra, Infinity, Maxima,300ZX,Z32, 240SX,S13, S14, Skyline, SR20DE, SR20DET, RB20, Altima, and Fairlady.
    This interface works on all Nissan cars that have the grey 14pin Consult connector (you'll usually find it near the fuse box)
    Interface fitting for 14pin Consult Port of Nissan vehicles
    Compact size smaller than RS232 version
    Connects to PC via mini USB to USB cable
    Powered from PC USB only
    LED indicators to show power and Tx/Rx of communication
    Car interface : Nissan DDL 14pin
    PC interface : mini USB
    Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/7 (Depending on software compatibility)
    Cable: 120cm shielded, mini USB male to USB B male, made in China.
    Power: 5V from USB port
    Working temperature: -10 ~ 85℃
    USB driver : FTDI FT232RL chip

    Supporting Software & Operating system:

    CalumSult 0.08h, Win XP, ROM dumping/real time graph
    Consultan 1.0 for Mac OS X
    ConZult for Nissan 300ZX Z32, Win XP, base idle mode, simple bar graph.
    DDLreader, Win 2000/XP
    DDLreader, Win 2000/XP
    ECUTALK 1.35, Win XP / 7, gauge/logging, trip meter
    ECUTALK 1.34 for PPC, Win mobile 2003 mobile 5
    Nissan Conzult Z32
    Nissan Data Scan I 1.2 for PC, 1989~2000
    Nissan Data Scan I 1.52, Win2000/XP
    ScanTechNissan 1.38, Win 2000/XP, ISO 9141, KWP2000, active tests.
    SRTalk 1.0, Win 2000/XP
    TECU 2.53, Win 2000/XP
    ZControl 2.0,Win 2000/XP, Z32 ECU editing tool, 300ZX TT, 1990~1994
    ZTalk 1.1, Win 2000/XP
    nProbe hardware stopped 2005.12.31, software by TwinTurbo.NET.
    PalmZ for Palm PDA by Ztechz forum member MezafitsII.

    ConZult for Nissan 300ZX Z32 for PC
    ConZult SX for Nissan 1990~1999 for PC (Z32,A32,S14(a),S15,B13,RNN14,N14,N15,Y10,W10,P10,P11,K11,R32,R33, C23)
    Nissan Data Scan I 1.54, WIN98/ME/2K/XP/VISTA/7 by agent Blazt / PLMS Dev

    Tested vehicles (Area, software)
    1996 Nissan AD Resort 1.6 (Taiwan, ECUTalk)
    1996 Nissan Cefiro 2.0 A32 (Taiwan, ECUTalk)
    1996 Nissan G20 (Taiwan, ECUTalk)
    1998 Nissan Cefiro 3.0 (Taiwan, ECUTalk)
    2000 Nissan Cefiro 2.0 A32 (Taiwan, Datascan)


    1x Nissan Consult Mini USB Interface
    1x Cable mini USB male to USB B Male
    1x CD

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin1

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin2

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin3

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin4

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin5

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin6

Consult 2 CONSULTII OBD USB 1989~2000 DDL 14Pin7

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