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Cable Organizer Clips are of novel and practical ideas, smart and convenient for organizing cables. No worry about cables / wires will be messed.   

Brand new and high quality!
These clips are for where you wish to have cables temporarily held
yet easily removable or extended.
Smart, lightweight, convenience design, easy to take along.
The individual and practical design to meet all of your requirement.
Let the desktop clutter of TV, DVD, PC and laptop cables neatly. No more tripping over leads on the floor
The clip can consolidate USB cable, earplug cable, phone charger cable and so on.
Size:30mm(Dia) x 20mm(H)( approx)
Color: as picture

  •    6 x Cable Organizer Clips Wire Cord Organizer Fixer

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Some Knowledge About Cable:

COM port and USB port

1、COM port is serial interface connected on the back of computer mainframe, advantage: cheap; can apply to flash for cell phone ; disadvantage: can not apply to laptop or notebook, date transmission speed is slower.

2、USB port is popular with most of people, advantage: convenient, quick, stable and apply to laptop , notebook, computer;disadvantage : USB port with IC is a little expensive, some one can not apply to flash.  

Cable Types

1、Net cable: only surf net via GPRS or CDMA1

2、Flash cable: just for flashing .

3、synchronous transfer cable : transfer telephone book, picture, ringtone, message ,multi-media data.

4、Multi-function cable: apply two or above functions: date synchronous transmission, surfing net, flashing, charging.

Choosing high-quality and special cable can gain an extra protection for device. Type, function, size and other facets should be compatible with device. 



Cable Organizer Clips Wire Cord Organizer Fixer X 6 PCS1

Cable Organizer Clips Wire Cord Organizer Fixer X 6 PCS2

Cable Organizer Clips Wire Cord Organizer Fixer X 6 PCS3

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